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Mini Grant Guidelines

One way the Bean Foundation accomplishes its' mission is by strategically directing resources through our mini grant program.

Grant Submission Deadline:
(Bi-annual grant deadlines are the first Friday of March and October) 

    • Requests up to $10,000.

    • Bi-annual grant deadlines first Friday of March and October.

    • Learn more HERE

Who Should Apply?
Any applicant requesting up to $10,000 and who meets the selection criteria outlined may apply.

Selection Criteria:

(The project, to which the funding request is submitted, should meet the criteria outlined below)

  • Align with the Bean mission

  • Serve communities of Jefferson County and/or Confederated Tribes of Warms Springs

  • Exhibit community support through partnerships and/or letters of support

  • Present evidence of strategic financial stewardship

  • Exist as a program or project of the applicant

  • Qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, able to to provide proof of exemption. 

  • Grant application is received by the deadline

  • Grant request amount up to $10,000

  • Grant reports have been completed for any previous Bean grant awards

  • Request meets all other specified grant guidelines established by the Bean board

Grant Awards:
Grant award notices will be communicated to applicants within 90 days of deadline. 

Grant Reports:
All grantees must submit a grant report within one year of receiving grant funds to remain eligible for consideration of future grant funding.  

*The Bean Board reserves the right to alter the mini grant guidelines and process at any time without notice to participants.    

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