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The vision of Mr. Bean to improve the quality of life for children, families, and young adults in Jefferson County is accomplished primarily through grants of property and monetary support. 
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Grants are awarded to:

  • Projects and organizations without limitations to affiliation.

  • Efforts that support our mission.

  • Primary focus areas including recreation, education, culture, and the arts.

  • Initiatives which complement our values.  

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Mini Grants:

  • Requests up to $10,000.

  • Bi-annual grant deadlines first Friday of March and October.

  • Learn more HERE

Partnership Grants:

Seeking grant funding larger than $10,000? Have an idea that will enhance our community? Reach out to us using the Contact Us page.  Introduce us to your idea and tell us how we can help.  

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We value relationships with our partners and look forward to receiving updates on the initiatives we support. 


A minimum of one annual report is required for all grants, for each grant cycle.  


All grantees must submit a grant report within one year of receiving funding to remain eligible for consideration of future grant funding.


Submit Grant Report HERE 

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