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"Working together we can achieve far more than working alone.  When together we are successful our success will inspire confidence for others to dream and achieve too ."
George Neilson, Bean Foundation Board Member

Since inception the Bean Foundation has contributed $2.6 million and counting, in community investments, not including land donations . 

2022 Community Investment Partners 

Jefferson County Kids Club

Match Grant | Van Repairs/Purchase | Scholarship Fund


Mosaic Medical

Jefferson County Wellness Center 

Kiwanis Club 

Operation Rudolph | Youth Soccer Clinic | 

Jefferson County Schools

Calves Closet | 

Jefferson County Faith Based Network

Food Northwest | 

Ronald McDonald House

Operations | 

Airshow of the Cascades

Sponsorship |

Madras Sparklers 

4th of July Fireworks |

Airshow of the Cascades

Sponsorship |

Warms Springs Boys and Girls Clubs

Operations |

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Cultural and Heritage Education Teepees  |

Madras Community Food Pantry

Operations |

Culver Park 

Expansion |

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